A ring of destiny for you

TASAKI ‘s BRIDAL RING jewellery boasts the highest quality and outstanding craftsmanship,
and praises the eternal love and pleasure of you and your partner, with the pure radiance of diamonds.

TASAKI’s diamond

A single diamond crystallizes after tens of thousands of years in the deep of the earth.
TASAKI has absolute pride in its mission to deliver the brilliance of this miracle.

TASAKI ‘s commitment to bring out the beauty of diamonds to the utmost,
to master the art, is directed towards all processes.
There is a special brilliance that can be realized through the highest level of quality.

TASAKI’s platinum “Pt950”

TASAKI Pt950 is a product of state-of-the-art technologies.
Employing a unique hardening process (patented) Pt950 is a revolutionary material with approximately twice the deformation resistance as 18K gold and Pt 1000 and can also be restored to its original hardness after resizing.
It maintains pliability for easy workability during the shaping and stone setting stages of design and the successful development of a unique hardening process in the final stages has helped to achieve a delicate and refined form that conventionally has been difficult to obtain.

TASAKI Pt950 made its first appearance in the bridal collection in 2010.