Elegant and audacious,
TASAKI unveils a contemporary and creative world of unique pearl and diamond creations.
TASAKI is defined by exceptional standards of quality and refined craftsmanship
that interprets the finest materials into transcendent jewellery.
TASAKI offers innovative and timeless works of art that radiate style,
instilling confidence and unleashing the brilliance within.
Continuously evolving, TASAKI the high jeweller founded in Japan, is committed to a culture
that embraces the beauty of nature and sustainability.

Pearl Story

TASAKI established its own research facility and spent night and day researching the pearl.

Then in 1970, TASAKI succeeded in becoming the first in the world to farm the brown-lipped pearl oyster.

This treasure of the ocean, very near extinction, was greeted by the world with surprise and accolades as the new symbol of the beauty of Japan.


Diamond Story

Our commitment in every stage of production is to bring to life and ignite the fire in every diamond. In each diamond is a unique brilliance that can only be realized with the ultimate in quality and skilled craftsmanship.



SAKURAGOLD™ was developed based on the cherry blossom with the aim of creating a gold with a pink hue closer to the natural color of human skin.

SAKURAGOLD™ has a deeper, red hue than conventional pink gold and embodies the traditional aesthetic values of Japan.


Our Boutique

Visit our London flagship store in the heart of Bond Street.

170 New Bond Street
London, W1S 4RB